All hot girls are changing! … Well, who would be me and not telling hot girls not to believe. All of them are a traitor and traitor, and others simply do not exist! … All women are changing! … All hot girls are changing. Everything, everything, everything! I speak only from experience. Cute as a little, pretty as a little vain, right where? Well, yes, the town red! I had a wife, a virgin marry me come out. A couple of years modesty tihosti and up – TREASON! Then I met a hot girls more relaxed, experimental, like his otgulyala already and that – again treason. Then I had a period of calm, tired hot girls. Well, I would have been ugly, but there is also a member would not be standing, so worth it, size does not fit, but 19 cm, say, a little? Normal in nature, do not consider myself a fool, to earn money. This is again a little? Or extremes of what hot girls want? Treason me is not that annoying, they just besyat me! I do not understand what the reasons are pushing hot girls to change the normal men. Tired of the good life? Peppers missing? I would like to change? Or just all women by nature are they? For them, trying, and that he is one hell, try, do not try, antlers still can not avoid. You certainly do not think I’m going to whine here. Just boiling. Especially the latter case. The girl, well, the very embodiment of integrity and Nate! The Internet publishing their photos on which it is in the buff! Moreover, the photo is not old, but recently, when we began to actively occur. The question is, what do you try to get it? To you recognize the whole country? To the men lapsed saliva and offered sex? Well, someone will say, this is not treason, but a way of expression. And I think that this is the beginning of betrayal. I wonder how hot girls would react to that, say, their husbands would have registered on dating sites and put their pictures in all sexual angles? It would be nice to them this? I think not! In general, whoever that is not me and told me to believe hot girls can not. All of them are a traitor and traitor, and others simply do not exist! I’m sure of it!